Local Podcaster Marta Exposes Her Out of Town Guests to Pittsburgh Artists at Her Northside airBNB

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Joyce Werwie Perry joycewerwieperry.com

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”
-Thomas Merton.

My husband and I started staying in other people’s spaces on travels long before the term Airbnb became widely known. It has always been our favorite way to travel- allowing us to immerse ourselves in someone else’s life, and possibly peek into their day to day routine, traditions, or cultural habits. The idea of being a host for Airbnb intrigued me. Growing up I always had an inkling that being a host would be a part of who I am, I didn’t let my future self down. I host my own podcast called Marta on the Move, I host tours around my city, my hubby and I are constantly hosting game nights, dinner parties. wine tastings. It made sense to take this next step. Plus, we LOVE to meet new people coming in and out of Pittsburgh and showing it off.

I bit the bullet and asked my husband if he wouldn’t mind trying to Airbnb our downstairs space. The only reason he agreed was that he thought nobody would stay there, but he was wrong! “If you build it, they will come”- and indeed they did! We now meet people from all around the world. Sharing stories, recipes, and making new friends.

A few years later, we knew we wanted another property in town, but this time, it had to be infused with something more creative, something personal- a passion project, and someplace that wasn’t like the rest. It needed to offer an experience for the guests, and it had to have a soul.

Cara Livorio http://caralivorio.com

Through my podcast, and growing up in Pittsburgh, I have been introduced to amazingly talented humans that inspire me every day. Why not create an immersive art gallery to highlight some of our friends here in the city. This thought bloomed, blossomed, and took form! Many months were spent reaching out to each chosen artist to see if they wanted to be featured in the home. When all the artists and pieces were settled, I put my nerd cap on and pored over fonts, paper for placards, and descriptions to accompany each piece in the home. I printed out an index, and tour guide booklet for guests to follow along with each piece, and learn about every artist throughout the home. I was also finally able to add in an audio immersive aspect that includes interviews, and meditations with some of the artists that people can tune into over on my website as they walk through the home. Music and short story fiction are also in the works. #plansforthefuture Some of the mixed media artists include- Joyce Werrie Perry, Simon Felipe Leiderman, Cara Livorio, Jeff Swensen, Joe Groom, Kelly Brown, Stephanie Strasburg, Larry Gioia, Victoria Bradley, Justin Guerino, Forrest Conroy, Rob Larson, and more. We are incredibly honored to have their works showcased.

Joe Groom

Why put in this much work to a home that is just meant to be a place to lay your head for the night? One I would like to share is the story of a mother and daughter that stayed with us last summer.

After their stay, she wrote to us that her daughter had been on the fence about attending art school. “My daughter just kept coming back to the artwork, and after being able to hang out with one particular piece in your home every day for our entire stay, she decided to attend art school because she had been moved by that particular painting. Thank you so much for offering this in your Airbnb. I felt like we were really about to connect with the artists from Pittsburgh!!” This letter is exactly why we went above and beyond to make something memorable, and hopefully to inspire that creative nature in our guests! (We love putting in coloring books, and sketch pads in the home to inspire.) We know have incredible museums in our city, but you might not get the chance to linger with them as long as you would like. In our home, we wanted people to be able to sit with a piece, let speak to you. We have such talented artists you may not get to see in our museums, and we wanted to showcase them. It is our hope that through our Pittsburgh Artist’s Gallery B&B that you will be able to do that, and you too will be inspired by them to create something of your own! Come say hello! #pghartistsgalleryairbnb

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