Crafters, Tech Enthusiasts, Scientists, Oh My!


Steel drums, robotic instruments and of course children were just a few of the sounds heard at the Pittsburgh Maker Faire on Oct. 10th and 11th. Children and adults alike lined the tents in Nova Place, Buhl Community Park and the Children’s Museum for the two-day learning event.

With a booth, demonstration or performance for just about anyone, the Maker Faire showcased the projects that city’s current and future makers have been working on.  Whether you wanted to learn how to create the perfect monster mask with Adam King or try something a little less time consuming like the Assemble make-n-take LED pin, the Maker Faire projected the importance of creativity and innovation in our community.

Creativity booths like Fine Art Miracles Inc. and Pop Des Fleurs gave makers a chance to build treasure box bots and fiber flowers while The Pittsburgh Creative Center for Reuse let makers spin the wheel and pull a bingo number for creative guidance in their project.

Bright lights at the Simon-like game, Symonator gave the crowd 90’s flashbacks and Light Lounge kept the rest at ease with their LED light fort lounge.

One of the makers of the Light Lounge, Sophie Bathcher, has big plans for her project that started out with 100’s of old milk jugs from local coffee shops.

“We’re hoping to expand this project even more and build it into an entire room with an interactive game controller,” said Batchler.

As the sun set over the North Side on Sunday the festival came to an end as the makers began to pack up their booths. The three-tonGreat American Horn Machine closed out the festival in Buhl Community Park, taking patriotism to a new level.