A Barber Shop Reprises The Roots of A Culture Past [Video]


As we rocket through life trying to figure how to do everything quicker,there’s one place trying to slow things down a bit. K. Chase Patterson is the founder of Society Men’s Grooming Lounge (SMGL) in The Hill District, and he wants to show the people of Pittsburgh that quality reigns supreme in his parlor-like barber shop. Fashioned after an old-time social club, SMGL comes equipped with a full-stocked bar, memorabilia, and pictures from a simpler, and somewhat more complicated time for people of color.

Now, rooted in the place where his mother started her first bank account, Patterson pays homage to the city that has raised him, but to also serve as a source of inspiration to all people who want to make something more of their lives even if they don’t have all the tools or advantages. Determination is an intangible factor in the success of anything, and Patterson exudes his wherewithal to push through with his dream of being a business owner.

Our social butterfly and resident interview guru, Michelyn, hits the streets to see what separates SMGL from the rest. Enjoy the grooming madness.