Kiya Tomlin Is A Breath of Fresh Air For Pittsburgh Fashion

Kiya Tomlin, Owner of Uptown Sweats

Uptown Sweats, a custom fashion studio and retail space in East Liberty is making a mark in Pittsburgh’s transient fashion community. Owner, Kiya Tomlin, is a big proponent of relative fashion for women, spearheading design elements that move with the body and not constrict, as we tend to see in today’s unrealistic and unrelenting fashion standards.

Tomlin wants anyone, any size, any shape, to feel comfortable in her store. And the most dynamic aspect of the environment, if there’s not something for you, she’ll create something.

Tomlin’s Homewood-based design studio is where she creates her extremely adaptable line for all who want to look good, and not go broke doing it. The store gives an intermediate arena to women who may have a Marshall’s budget, but still want something originally styled and tailored to their body type.It’s not a one size fits all store, or philosophy, and that’s what makes the space very unique in offerings and scope of relativity for the entire Pittsburgh fashion community.

Our rover on the street, Michelyn Hood, had the chance to spend the day with Kiya Tomlin, and this is what she uncovered. Enjoy the interview, and check back soon for our next story.