Break Your New Year’s Resolution with A Pittsburgh Food Tour [Video]


Before you pretend to become a fitness champion for the New Year, add one more culinary sin to your waistline. The Burgh’ Bits and Bites food tour rockets people through various areas of the city to experience some of the country’s best dishes. Founder Sylvia McCoy started the business in 2008 as a way to connect people with the rich cultural elements that make Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh.

Our eyes and ears on the street, Michelyn Hood of The PGH Spot, hit the food exploration trail in the Strip District to find a pepperoni roll the size of a small country, savory hummus, delectable meles, and of course, the mystery of Jimmy Sunseri’s  ever-present cigar.

Burgh Bits and Bites is a powerful initiative to promote small business and connectivity throughout the region. Tours are offered in the Strip District Market, South Side, Brookline, Bloomfield , Lawrenceville, and Northside.