The Abbey Gets a Fresh Coat of Paint in the Sofa Lounge! (Trust Me its Cooler Than You Think)


The Abbey in Lawrenceville is well known for its high-class atmosphere and welcoming environment. Artifacts from various Pittsburgh places, such as St. Marks Church and Jenkins Arcade make up the interior of the bar. “I have always been a creative person and I want my business to reflect who I am as a person, I love art and architecture,” said owner of the Abbey, Eric Kukura. “We are combining art and utility while showcasing the economic diversity of the Lawrenceville business community and our guests.”

While the inside of the Abbey looks like a novel coffeehouse and bar where Charles Bukowski and Ernest Hemingway would discuss their life choices, the outdoors sofa lounge is getting an artsy upgrade. With the master skillset of artist Christian Shaknaitis (who painted most of the interior signage of the Abbey), the sofa lounge is getting a fresh coat of paint. Trust me, I promise its more interesting than just that! Shaknaitis is painting advertisements from current local businesses with a 1930s vibe across the walls of the longue, using his vintage and hand craft approach. Kukura found inspiration in an unusual place, “I was watching the opening scene from the film A touch of evil and it inspired the project.”

Row House Cinema, Wagner’s Quality Shoes, Wildcard Gift Shop, and Chantal’s Cheese Shop make up the ads for the sofa longue. The reason for the project is to help cross promote the Lawrenceville Business District. “I Pride myself on being a good neighbor, this project will help cross promote local business diversity in a mainstream market.” As a business man himself, Kukura understands the importance of advertising and wants to lend a helping hand to the other businesses in the Pittsburgh area. Lastly, the Abbey highly encourages those who are out in the area just to grab a cup of coffee to check out the final touches of the artwork in the open to the public sofa lounge.