Just Desserts: The Best Places in Pittsburgh to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

At Naturoll Creamery, you can create your own unique combination.

Pittsburgh is well-known for its diverse culinary options, and dessert is no exception! Whether you’re planning a day out with friends or just stopping to grab a quick treat, here are some of greatest places in the city to enjoy a delicious dessert.

From classic ice cream parlors like Klavon’s (pictured above) in the Strip to global inspired dessert stops such as Waffalonia and Naturoll, there are plenty of options to grab a sweet treat in the ‘Burgh.

Square Cafe*
Located in Regent Square, this bright and quirky restaurant focuses on serving the very best organic dishes and changes up their menu each season. You can have breakfast for dessert with their sweet cinnamon bun or lemon berry ricotta pancakes or croissant French toast. The milkshakes there are also a guest favorite, and the restaurant even held a contest last year to promote a fan-designed flavor ‘The Tabby Cat.’ It’s no longer available, but you can try current offerings, including the Sm’Oreo, an irresistible crossover.

The Milk Shake Factory*
Originally from Lawrenceville in 1914, the Milk Shake Factory later moved and now boasts two locations – one in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh and one in the South Side. Their decadent dessert options have something for everyone: gourmet milkshakes, sundaes, floats, dipped strawberries, chocolate bark… If you head over now, you can try their newest creation – the Hot Chocolate Shake – as you relax in their sleek and charming shops.

You won’t have to travel all the way to Europe to try a great Belgian waffle. This unique liege waffle is unexpectedly sweet. The all-day treat is freshly made and can be topped with Nutella, speculoos spread, whipped cream and more – but don’t forgot to add the icream on top! While you can visit their restaurant in Squirrel Hill, the college student favorite also has a kiosk located in Oakland by Schenley Park.

Sinful Sweets
This Pittsburgh-based candy store makes all its crazy-good confections locally. Some of their desserts, especially their signature edible dough (which comes in flavors ranging from sugar cookie to red velvet Oreo cheesecake), are available at various spots throughout the city, but you can visit their own shop on Liberty Avenue downtown. Stop in to the colorful and cheery storefront enjoy a milkshake, sample one of their tempting truffles or even take home a dozen of their delectable cupcakes.

Sinful Sweet’s signature truffles!

Naturoll Creamery*
In 2016, rolled ice cream (originally a sweet hailing from Thailand) was all the rage. That same year, Naturoll Creamery in Lawrenceville opened up, bringing the trendy and unbelievably smooth and creamy treat to Pittsburgh. Any guest can select either chocolate or vanilla ice cream and choose their own toppings, or select from their signature specials, including S’mores, Monkey Business, Dirt in a Cup and more! You can also visit their new Cranberry Township location.

Klavon’s Ice Cream Parlor
No Pittsburgh dessert list could ever be complete without this Pittsburgh classic. Since the 1920s, Klavon’s has been serving guests from all over out of their shop in the Strip District. The distinct old-fashioned atmosphere has never changed, and their soda shop and apothecary architecture will make you feel as if you’ve traveled back in time. Their rich and classic ice cream sundaes include so many flavors, from the Mocha Madness to the Tin Ceiling Sundae, it can be hard to choose.

One of Klavon’s classic ice creams.

* These restaurants have gluten-free and vegan friendly options available.

Photo courtesy of Klavon’s, Naturoll Creamery and Sinful Sweets.