Chef Steve Morehouse re-opens Studio AM.


LOCAL(Lp) – Studio AM has reopened under your leadership, what can we expect?

Steve Morehouse (SM)– I have a vision of creating a place that promotes a healthy lifestyle; not just healthy, delicious food but healthy activities, such as bike rides and yoga classes. I am also planning on having more live music events as well as new local artists in the space.


Lp – How long have you been the chef at Studio AM?         SM – I have been the chef at Studio AM for the past 5 years and it’s been a great ride and a great learning experience. 

Lp – Will there be many changes to the style or menu?       SM – The style and menu will not change much other than adding different dinner parties such as our upcoming Fat Tuesday and Cinco de Mayo dinners….. as well as vegetarian dinners, which goes back to the healthy lifestyle.

Lp – While the food was always your signature,  the funky feel at Studio AM was Baron’s (Batch); will that change or do you plan on bringing in other artists?                                  SM – Yes, the funky vibe was Baron’s but I am just as funky, and that will definitely not change! I am excited to start bringing in new artists. We will host artist premieres, some will be dinner parties and others will focus more on hors d’oeuvres. 

Lp – I’ve heard rumors of maybe some pop-up farm dinners and chef collaborations in the future, can you say anything about that?        SM – I’m very excited about doing farm to table dinners this spring. I have a whole bunch of creative ideas for all the fresh and delicious ingredients that the local farms have to offer. I’m also looking forward to working with a few of the really talented chefs in the city on some collaborative dinner efforts….but you’ll have to wait for those details.

Lp – I’ll allow you a free plug here, are you accepting private parties to book the space?      SM – My plan for the future is to have the place booked up with all sorts of events and private parties. We had our first wedding ceremony in the Studio back in November and held the reception here as well. I’m willing and able to work with all clients on the menu for any event big or small. I’m really excited for what the future has in store.