The Full Pint Wild Side Tap Room


Full Pint Wild Side Tap Room is a walk on the wilder side of Lawrenceville; filled with beer, art, and great food. The menu at the Tap Room is a mix of pub food with a fun flair when it comes to the ingredients which include sandwiches, flatbreads and other snacks. The Larry’ville (it’s not a) Cheesesteak, is not what you would think – a typical cheesesteak made Pittsburgh-style. This, however, starts with ground bison and topped with cheddar, gouda and All-In Amber sautéed onions. This Cheesesteak is one of the destination foods that a Philly fan can come in to try. Another favorite is the Cueben; a pulled-pork, Rueben mash-up that is topped with sauerkraut and pickles.

Full Pint Wild Side Tap Room makes its own chorizo which is used in a few of their dishes including the Mexican Flatbread. The Mexican Flatbread is topped with chorizo, a brown ale queso, provolone, onions and jalapeño and to top it off, crumbled up tortilla chips. Another Flatbread is the Pulled Pork Flatbread that is covered in BBQ pork, cheddar, and gouda with gus peppers.

Full Pint Wild Side Tap Room is located at 5308 Butler Street. For more information, Full Pint can be reached at and on Facebook and Twitter.