5 Ominous Trails to Run This Fall

Matt Niemi/ Flickr

Just in time for Fall, we have put together a list of trails that will get you in the Halloween Spirit and provide unique scenic views without having to leave the city. So don’t walk, RUN! to one of these five bloodcurdling trails today.

Eliza Furnace Trail

If you’re looking for a trail that will help you escape Pittsburgh’s busy streets but still resides within the city, Eliza Furnace Trail is a great option. This level section of the Three Rivers Heritage Trail system begins at Grant Street Downtown and ends in Panther’s Hollow in Oakland. The 3.95 mile trail has been nicknamed “The Jail Trail” because of it curves around the facility making your run just a little bit spooky. But don’t let that scare you away, Eliza Furnace offers beautiful views of the rivers, only takes 2 hours to run and is a great option for bicyclists as well.

North Shore Trail

The North Shore trail offers is chock full of scenic variety within the city. Like Eliza Furnace, the North Shore Trail is part of the Three Rivers Heritage Trail. But this trail offers up a plethora of both beautiful and erie landscapes including vast riverbanks and glimpses of the old industrial Pittsburgh. The trail also acts as a tour of the North Shore, taking you past Heinz Field, the Carnegie Science Center, PNC Park and, once you’ve worn yourself out, Brunot Island. This 8 mile jog spans from Millvale to Chateau and is great for runners who are just starting out or pedestrians looking for some out of the ordinary views.

Frick Park

While often populated by joggers, families, bicyclists and walkers, Frick Park is the perfect spot to get lost and explore for the whole day. The park is immense and offers a variety of paths including Riverview Trail and Tranquil Trail which will take you past the Homewood Cemetery, a particularly unnerving run once the sun starts to set. A great choice for beginning or experienced runners looking to add find true “serenity” during their daily jaunt or those looking to take a short hike to one of Frick’s many splendid picnic spots.

South Side Trail

Despite it’s position between East Carson Street and the Monongahela River, this trail is both serene and picturesque. Starting in South Side Riverfront Park and ending near 9th Street, the path connects to a boat launch, a picnic area, and a dog park. Walkers can enjoy unparalleled views or spend some time feeding the ducks on the riverside. It’s the perfect destination for individuals or families looking to enjoy the outdoors while still in close proximity to tons of amenities. But at night this 5 mile long trail becomes a chilling path with the bridges looming above runners as they make their way through the fog rolling off the river.

Allegheny Cemetery

The Allegheny Cemetery, a great location for runners and bicyclists alike, is one of the oldest in the country and rests between Lawrenceville’s Butler Street, Bloomfield and Garfield. Spanning more than 300 acres, the cemetery offers a vast space within an urban area perfect for anyone looking to keep their jog local. Occasionally cars drive through, but it is otherwise a quiet and peaceful retreat from the city. Just don’t think about what’s 6 feet under in every direction.