#LOCALartIS Xavier Thomas


Xavier Thomas is a full-time professional photographer living in Pittsburgh. He has a strong love for photography and his family, as he is also a stay-at-home father. His passion for photography started whenever smartphones first came out.

“I got my first one [smartphone], and I would stop to take pictures if something was beautiful,” Thomas said.

Some of his friends were aspiring musicians and he wanted to help out with the visuals, so he bought his first Canon camera and immediately fell in love.

Thomas’ photography goes by the name ArtLikeUs. The idea behind it came before his first son was born.

“Me and my wife came together to create our child, so he’s our creation, our Art,” Thomas said. “When making art in its truest form, it’s an extension of you, so our Art is Like Us.”

The photography scene in Pittsburgh is always evolving. Thomas believes there are plenty of opportunities in the city for anyone who wants to go after them.

He loves shooting concerts, especially because of the energy. He shot his first concert in the city last year, and he’s been doing it ever since.

“I like taking pictures, though, the thinking process is what I love.”

His goal as a photographer is to inspire. Growing up in a small town had many people not believing in themselves, so he wants others to believe in themselves and realize being you isn’t a bad thing.

For more information on Xavier’s work, visit him on Instagram .