“One Long Shift In The Weeds” the Struggle, the Tenacity & the Hope within the Hospitality Industry in Pittsburgh


I recently watched “One Long Shift In The Weeds” a documentary by Huggy Bear Media that speaks to the current COVID-related struggles within the hospitality industry and also the resolve and the determination that they have.


Photo by Matt Huggins

Catherine E. Cannon, a co-founder of Mindful Hospitality, summed it up best at the end of this documentary:

People in the hospitality industry are a very special talented breed. They work the hardest, they work the longest, they fight the hardest, they wait on a 16 section while balancing a tray of drinks, remembering 25 different specific types of orders, and do it all with a smile. And there’s any type of person that can come out through on the other side of this for the better it is the people in the hospitality industry. I think that sometimes they just need to be reminded that they are that strong and that they do, do this every night, and that this is just one long shift.

In the coming weeks, we intend to try and highlight some of these individuals, restaurants, and support industries. We hope that our readers and fellow Pittsburghers will also support them, regardless of politics, we are all neighbors and Pittsburghers trying to get through a really shitty period.

If you have any suggestions, feedback, or concerns please reach out to us. Stay healthy and safe.

Jeff Rose, Publisher LOCALpittsburgh jrose@local-pittsubrgh.com