American Cuisine, Redefined with ‘Supper’

The small-yet-powerful kitchen of Supper, located at Federal Galley.

Simply put, the concept of an American cuisine is rather dated. The simplistic attitude of a cheeseburger and fries seems to be an artifact from a time where America’s platter was leading the world in innovation. Health-consciousness wasn’t a thought when it came to eating out and very few people even knew what a GMO was. Today, people are constantly looking for a unique place to eat that both their health and spending account can benefit from. In a world where American Cuisine is in need of redefinition, a small restaurant under the name of Supper symbolizes the epitome of modern dining.

“Everything we do is 100% from scratch”, claims Vince Perri, creator of Supper. As the lunch rush was imminent in the Federal Galley food mall and preparations were nearly complete, Vince took the time to speak with LOCALPittsburgh about his creation. With a degree from Le Cordon Bleu and many years of restaurant experience under his belt, Vince had the dream of operating a restaurant of his own while working at Revel and Roost downtown. When stumbling across the Galley website, Vince was thrilled to realize that his dream was a possibility. Although he wasn’t sure about what the restaurant would be named or themed, Vince knew he wanted to do something that was ingredient-focused and entirely made in-house.

The Duckfat Fries, a signature dish from Supper.

All great dishes come to fruition through experimentation. Through years of trying new ingredients and tampering with flavor profiles throughout his culinary experience, Vince stays dedicated to his craft by claiming that “the more you learn, you start to realize everything that you don’t know”. The menu at Supper reflects this dedication to creating something new that people will enjoy. The Duckfat Fries are a prime example of Vince’s culinary excellence. Although the title may sound unappealing, the combination of rosemary salt, parmesan and harissa ketchup orchestrates into a masterpiece. The same excellence applies to the Garden Pea Falafel, adding a twist of honeyed harissa yogurt to the renowned middle eastern dish.

As stated in their motto, Supper was made for carnivores, vegans, and everyone in between. Vince claims that Supper changed his viewpoint “on literally everything”. Supper is still experimenting and releasing new options quite often and will continue to change the narrative of American Cuisine.

The intriguing menu of Supper.