Allows your Favorite Drinks to be Shipped Directly to the Comfort of your Home


As humans, we love convenience and home shipping. That’s why many used to be fan favorite businesses such as Blockbuster and K-Mart have vanished. Convenience is key to building and sustaining a business, which is why Amazon and Netflix have been so successful. As humans, we also love beer… lots and lots of beer. Fortunately, Brentwood Distributing has brewed the perfect recipe for success with beer, convenience, and home shipping, with the recent launch of

Beer is in the blood of the Dangelo family, who is now in their fourth generation of family business under the current vision of Fred J. Dangelo and his daughter Michelle. Their family roots in the alcohol industry trace back to the 1930s with Michelle’s great-grandfather working in the business during prohibition. Decades later the family has launched, the very first beer distributor licensed to ship cases of beverages directly to the consumer. “My father nurtured me in this business and is definitely my hero,” said Michelle. “I learned that you really have to prove your worth in the beer business, especially as a woman.” is the most ideal way to bring the drinks to the party. (4th of July wink). With over 300 beer options, sport drinks, juices, tea, Red Bull, and soda choices, has everything to keep your fridge packed without having load up the car or wait in those pesky grocery store lines. Parents have no need to fear their teenagers buying cases of booze, because someone 21 or over must be present to sign off on each package. The thing that is unique about this new company is that people can place orders as an individual order or as a subscription service, which can then be shipped weekly or monthly with no limits on how many cases at a time. Michelle is very pleased with the previous success of Brentwood Distributing and hopes continues that success. “We have been taking care of bars and restaurants since 1956 and now we want to take of your homes.”

If the business is a success in Pennsylvania, the Dangelo family hopes to expand all of on a national level.