Coffee Lovers Rejoice. Pittsburgh Now Has a Coffee Passport Program


Coffee Passport Pittsburgh will launch a program that encourages coffee lovers from around the region to visit independent coffee shops. The program includes 9 participating shops that created a special menu for passport holders.

The passport holders bring in their passport, pick from the menu, get a stamp, and then take it to the next shop. Clearly you’re not supposed to do this in one day, passport holders have 6-months to cash in their coffee and explore different pockets of the coffee culture in Pittsburgh.

The passport also offers one non-coffee option like Caffe D’ Amore’s Shrub Soda.

The program compensates coffee shops for each drink redeemed, but the bigger picture is to bring commerce to the independent coffee community.

“It’s really about keeping small businesses going and helping people understand that there are other, “better” options than a Starbucks. Better quality coffee, and more intimate environments. You’re dealing with business owners who pour their hearts into their craft, and every coffee sale makes a difference,” said Julie Knight, Co-founder of CPP.

Knight also said, “The current coffee shops have been very supportive of the idea, and are pretty excited to grow the coffee community as a whole. With the purchase of a passport, you not only get discounted coffee, but you can also find your favorite new coffee shop.”

For more information on Coffee Passport Pittsburgh and participating coffee shops, visit their website