David Gehlman Speaks About Ligonier Creamery, a Fan Favorite Recipe for Years


With over two decades of working in the ice cream industry, David Gehlman, owner of Ligonier Creamery, is a specialist when it comes to perfecting homemade desserts.  Ligonier Creamery has had a great deal of success thanks to its usage of high-quality ingredients mixed together with special recipes to create their famous homemade flavors. Local was fortunate to get the chance to speak with Gehlman about his experience with Ligonier Creamery.

LOCALpgh-How did you get started in the business?
David Gehlman-I started in the dairy business in 1980 when I went to work for one of the largest ice cream and milk producers in western Pennsylvania. (Sani-Dairy)

Lp- Why ice cream? Did anyone influence you?                                                   David Gehlman Never a true influence but after 20 years of being around it, you just grow that love of making a product that makes people smile.

Lp-How does Ligonier Creamery differ from other ice cream stores?                David Gehlman-Ligonier Creamery is a true homemade handcrafted gourmet real ice cream products. Any can buy a manufactured product and sell it but with Ligonier Creamery you love to experience a lifetime of knowledge on the art of small-batch premium ice cream. Also during any given year, you’ll have the opportunity to experience over 265 different flavors of ice cream that unmatched by anyone else. Flavors like Dark Side of the Moon, Cake by the Ocean, 5 Chocolates, Loyalhanna Banana, and Chocolate Bliss just to name a few.

Lp- What role has the Ligonier community played to help the Creamery reach its success?                                                                                                                 David Gehlman- Community support is a two-way street. You truly get back many times over that support base on your involvement in the community. People watch how you interact and support and they are proud to walk and thank you and acknowledge you for it. We have programs to support our veterans police officer local sports teams just to name a few.

Lp- What are the future plans for Ligonier Creamery?                                        David Gehlman-Well, the goal is to take the best ice cream in Ligonier best ice cream in Pennsylvania to major events so more people can experience the best ice cream around. So the goal is to build a mobile unit.