Live Fresh Juicery Is Serving Up Cold-Pressed Juices & Smoothies in Homestead


While scrolling on Instagram recently (and persuaded by a few miscellaneous social posts I saw in my feed), I stumbled upon Live Fresh Juicery. I have always been curious and explorative of juice spots in and around the city, and once I sat the Get Juiced neon sign, I knew I had to make a trip. 

Fast forward a few days, and I headed over after a workout class to see what the hype was about. I walked into an open and welcoming space, a “good vibe” atmosphere you would say, and studied the menu behind the register. I read through smoothie, juice, and smoothie bowl options that were very appealing (and I honestly wanted one of each!), but I went with the Banana Nut Bliss, which consists of almond milk, banana, almond butter,  Greek yogurt, vanilla, and cinnamon and I added blueberries. 

The smoothies have a price tag starting at about $6 for the smallest size, and the juices aren’t too far off at $8.99. Having spent time in New York City in my earlier adult life, I always associated juicing and smoothies with an astronomical price; in a world where kale has become a trend and people have been introduced to juicing regularly, it was eye-opening and refreshing to learn that Brett’s mission, who owns the space, is to bring healthy options to all no matter their budget. 

So, nonetheless, you can say I become a huge fan, and with the location only being 10 minutes away at most, I wanted to make it more of my daily routine. So, when Catey, the VP of Operations for the space, reached out to me regarding trying a juice cleanse, I knew I couldn’t pass that up. 

Upon meeting with the team to learn more about the juicing process and what a juice cleanse of their entails, it became evident that the entire team is passionate about what they do. Catey and I discussed pursuing a 1-day juice cleanse; being someone who has never embarked on a juice cleanse before, we decided that that would be a great start and ease. Live Fresh cold-presses their juices, which means the juices are produced by slowly separating the fiber from the cell to retain almost all of its nutritional content. Each 12oz bottle contains nutrients from up to 5lbs of produce and will help improve digestion, boost immunity, and increase energy. 

What I loved is that the juices are all so different and contain so many different flavors: I loved the Gold Rush’s spicy components, and I am a sucker for tropical flavors such as the Island Glow. Though I would have loved to eat french fries first thing, focusing on drinking the juices and prioritizing water in between was a great way for me to be extra aware of what I was putting into my body and how I felt.

In the future, I am honestly trying to pursue a 1-day juice cleanse at least a few more times to reset, refocus, and give my body some extra love and proper care. I also cannot wait to stop in for a smoothie bowl soon! 

To try a cleanse for yourself and learn more about the benefits, check out their website here, and use code HGBC online or in-store for 3 free immunity shots with any cleanse purchase. Their saying is, after all, #GetJuiced!