Pizza Round-up, 31 days of Pizza 2020 #NationalPizzaMonth


Well, we just wanted to do a little re-cap. October was National Pizza Month and LOCALpittsburgh ate pizza every day for 31 straight days and we wanted to do this little re-cap. No rankings, no best of, we just visited a lot of small businesses and ate some amazing pizza. Out of the 31 places, I split it down the middle, half I had eaten at in the past, the others were brand new. We followed as many recommendations as possible and spent more time in the suburbs than usual.

The places we visited are:

Mineo’sCapezzuto’s, Molly’s, Porch at Schenley, Aiello’s, Bados, Joioios (Greensburgh), Colangelo’s, Canned Tomato, Italian Village, Love Rocks Cafe, Benny Fierro’s Iron Born, Frankstown Wood Fire Pizza, Rockaway Pizzeria, Mama Meatballs, Osteria Pasqualino’s, Badamo’s Pizza, Slice on Broadway, Mercurio’s, Pizza Parma, People’s Indian Restaurant, Lelulos Pizzeria, Piccolo Forno, Grandslam Pizza,  Donte’s Pizzeria, Do Woodfired Pizza, Black Lotus Pizza, Pizzeria Davide, Driftwood Oven, Eddies Pizza

A few favorites we didn’t get to stop at this year but we also love include D’s Six Pax & Dogs, Spirit, Shelly’s Pie, Crust Pizza, Avivia Brick Oven, Caliente Pizza, Papa Rocks, Pizza Marsala, JUST to name a few.

There are a few places I really wanted to get to that I will in the next few weeks because I heard so much about them, Mandys’s Pizza, Nobby’s Pizza, Police Station Pizza, Doughboy Pizza, JUST to name a few.

We don’t believe in any kind of rankings, but we do have a few takeaways. Frankstown Wood Fire Pizza, has AMAZING sauce. Lelulos Pizzeria was my surprise find (thanks Ronda Jones Cain) tucked away in Plum and it was fantastic. People’s Indian Restaurant is stepping outside the “traditional box”, and a must-try. Driftwood Oven’s restaurant menu (once only mobile) is deep with choices. Osteria Pasqualino’s Pizze Napoletane is a must-try, and ask Vince to explain the dough, it’s an intense process. Eddies Pizza get to know him, get in line and try it. We were lucky enough to be invited to Rockaway Pizzeria which won’t open until Nov 14th and has already been written about by Hal B Klien and Dan Gigler, it’s going to be a shooting star.

The count, we (I) ate approximately 77 slices and gained 7lbs…… and can’t wait till next year, and already have started my list……….