The Vault is bringing a whole new meaning to “beers on tap…


Written By Hungry Grl, Big City (jessie iacullo)

In Pittsburgh’s first-ever self-serve tap wall, you’ll feel like you’re pouring yourself a beer or even a glass of wine from your own personal beer ATM, as I like to call the dedicated wall serving about four types of wine and various beers. 

The way it works: give your ID to your server, receive a Vault card, and tap the beer you want, and even taste-test in the process. You can even browse the beers and tap for more info, and mix and match as you please. 

The best part? You won’t be charged for foam (my first pour was amateur, but you get the hang of it) and your bill will reflect how many ounces you poured and of what kind of beer. 

Aside from the interactiveness of the beverages, Executive Chef Todd Cassell is serving up comfort food with his own twists. A self-taught Chef after spending his earlier years as a Marine and in the construction industry, Todd is incorporating his Vermont culinary school education into his menu. The Vermont Sugar Shack Mac features maple syrup straight from Vermont, which adds a welcomed sweetness to the cheesey dish. 

While the menu offers cult favorites with a twist, like a House Smoked Brisket Reuben and various types of tacos, Todd is also serving up some new and delicious dishes, like Nantucket Fried Green Tomatoes with a spicy whipped feta and Blistered Shishito Peppers smoked paprika crema. 

Chef Todd views himself as a “purist” who doesn’t like to go overboard with ingredients in each dish. The menu has also been created with the intention of being friendly to vegetarians and vegans; there’s even a Vegan S’more on the menu. 

If you’re intrigued by the beverage system and are drooling at the mention of a syrup-infused mac (perfect for fall, BTW), pop by their launch event tonight from 7:30 – 10pm 

The Vault