8 Gadgets for People Who Can’t Technology


With a new gadget being released every day, very few of us are able to call ourselves “tech savvy”. If you’re sick and tired of having to go online to learn how to use your new devices check out the 8 gadgets for people who can’t technology.

BEATS BY DRE Pill 2.0 Portable Speaker:

The Beats Pill is almost as simple as it looks. When you’re ready to jam out just turn on your speaker, go into your phone settings, turn on your Bluetooth and connect to your speaker.



TrackeR Stickr:71sR0wSnHPL._SL1500_1024x1024

Losing your keys, remote or wallet is a daily issue for many of us, and the TrackR Stickr can help even the most forgetful. Just stick the quarter-sized devices to your item, download the TrackeR app, and the crowd GPS inside of the device will show you exactly where your belongings are.




FitBit logs your daily activity (running, walking, weight lifting, etc.) as well as your sleep, resetting each day. All you have to do is sync your FitBit to your Apple, Android, iOS, Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 device and your smooth sailing from there.



Measure ME:41i1Xukv01L._SY355_

Measure ME is almost as simple as a traditional measuring cup. Fill it with your liquid or solid and the scale in the bottom of the handle will accurately measure and display the value on its screen.







Oster Inspire Wine Bottle Opener:MJS Oster Wine Opener.jpg

In one step, this wine opener cuts the foil and opens your bottle in seconds so you can wind down and relax with no corking hassle.









kindleKindle Touch:

Used mostly for reading, the Kindle Touch can lighten up anyone’s backpack or briefcase with the option to download books. You can even make the text larger for those of us who can’t see like we use to.







Sprout Aroma Diffuser:sprout-aroma-diffuser

This aroma diffuser is a little different than most. You can plant your favorite plant on the top, then remove the lid, drop in the oil of your choice and purge those bad odors and vibes from your space






Nokia Treasure Tag:Nokia-Treasure-Tag-in-post

Attach the Nokia Treasure Tag to your keys or smartphone, sync it to your most priced devices and when you’re getting ready to forget something the tag will go off.