Our Top 5 Fall Foliage Views


Whether you’re on the overlook in Mount Washington, Fineview in Northside or the West End, sightseeing from above is easy, but what about the gorgeous fall terrain that Western PA was built on?  As autumn rolls in and the leaves change, we only have a few weeks until the trees become bare and we begin to gear up for the bitter Pittsburgh winter.  If you’re tired of staring down at the city from the Grandview overlook, here are 5 fall views that will re-harvest your love of all things autumn.

Observatory Hill:

Tucked away in the eastern rim of Riverview park sits Observatory Hill, a product of the 1930’s public building project. The unique stone structure gives visitors the chance to view the city (sometimes just over some trees) and the Ohio River Valley. During the fall, you can get your foliage on inside the building or throughout Riverview Park on it’s many hiking trails. Either way the views will not fail to impress.

Highland Park:

Just beyond the Pittsburgh Zoo you can find Highland Park and the massive reservoir it entails. Though the Entry Garden may not be able to provide the most fabulous fall view, throughout the park you can come across thick, colorful, ever-changing terrain that is just begging you for an Instagram post, right after your photo of the Pittsburgh Zoo’s snow leopard.

North Park:

Just 15 miles north of downtown sits North Park, the largest park in Alleghany County. The massive park houses the largest manmade lake in the country as well as 4 miles of woodland terrain (this means lots of leafs!). Whether you’re sitting by the lake enjoying the deep fall colors reflecting off the water or having some cider at one of its many pavilions, the scenery in this park will not disappoint.

Seven Springs Mountain Resort:

Autumn fest may have come to an end at Seven Springs Mountain Resort, but that doesn’t mean that the autumn colors will be going anywhere anytime soon. Before the slopes become packed with snow, checking out the fall leafs via the ski lift is an unforgettable view on the way up as well as when you reach the top of the mountain.   Take a day trip and find out for yourself.

Cedar Creek Park:

Known for their camping and water activities along the Youghiogheny River, Cedar Creek Park is the perfect escape from the bustling 412. Whether you choose to view the terrain via kayak or on foot on Gorge Trail, this park is a must if you’re willing to take the 1-hour drive to Belle Vernon.