Getting Heavy with The Screaming Females


Last night a small cramped stage in the South Side became home to The Screaming Females during their brief tour through Eastern America and Canada. Jersey natives Marissa Paternoster, King Mike, and Jarrett Dougherty make up this punk influenced band that has been active for over a decade.

Julianna Bagwell/ The Screaming Females
Photo by Julianna Bagwell

The Screaming Females performed with Roulette Waves, The Lopez, and Potty Mouth at the Smiling Moose upstairs stage. Potty Mouth is an all female punk band who will be traveling with The Screaming Females for 7 of their 12 shows. The show was sold out and filled wall to wall with fans eager to see the trio perform their heavy, melodic and high energy set.

The Screaming Females’ most recent album, Rose Mountain, dropped earlier this year and is the first album the band hasn’t self-produced. Rose Mountain is chock full of memorable songs and the album’s opening track, Empty Head, is an urgent and nostalgic throwback to some of the band’s most beloved past releases.

After a non-stop, sweaty musical romp through some of the band’s best work, the show quickly came to an end, leaving the audience wanting more but completely satisfied. All three band members stuck around after the performance, helping break down the set and conversing with fans. Frontwoman and guitarist, Marissa, walked around the bar and regarded everyone around her as if they were close friends, discussing music and signing albums.

Much like their ferociously talented lead singer, the band’s touring schedule will be short and ambitious. Over the next two weeks the band will be making their way through Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and parts of Canada. Find more information on upcoming performances here.