TechShop: A High End Makers Space


For over 16,000 square feet of world class workshops, look no further than Pittsburgh’s TechShop. Scientists, engineers, woodworkers, inventors, and makers of all kinds are welcome to access $1 million worth of industrial-grade machinery and software. Work independently, in a class, or alongside one of the TechShop’s Dream Consultants in this facility where just about any idea can become a reality.

Lathes, milling machines and lathes are among the many pieces of equipment that make this high end makers space a must for the tinkerers among us. Operating as both a prototyping studio and community workshop, their mission is to provide tools of innovation to a much wider demographic.

TechShop Pittsburgh/ FB
TechShop Pittsburgh/ FB

But power tools and equipment aren’t the only resources available to TechShop’s patrons. State of the art computers fully loaded with design software (ie. Autodesk Design Suite) are also a vital element of the facility’s offerings.

Although several different types of memberships are available at TechShop, interested parties are welcome to take a hands on tour and chat with other community makers. Even the most hesitant participants will be able to find their niche with one of TechShop’s many classes featuring a plethora of topics ranging from Silkscreen Printing to Laser Cutting. Or try one of their dozens of workshops like Build an Alarm Clock or Intro to Flash Animation.

Birthplace of the Square reader and thousands of innovative inventions, TechShop is nationally recognized for their unique approach to invigorating all types of makers in the community and offering them the necessary tools to bring their visions to life.