Make Music Festival Brings PGH Musicians Out of The Woodwork

Timbeleza doing a sidewalk performance at Make Music Pittsburgh 2015 Timbeleza/ Facebook

June 21st marks the beginning of summer solstice and is the longest day of the whole year. This year, we’re choosing to spend June 21st making the most of our extended daylight hours with Make Music Pittsburgh; an all-day festival that highlights local musicians within our inner city neighborhoods.

This unique festival encourages musicians of all skill levels to get outside and play music for their community, volunteer for the event, or merely walk around the city and bask in the uniquely Pittsburgh musical compilation.

Make Music Pittsburgh is a completely outdoors festival that spans throughout the entire city and got its start in France in 1982. Since then it has grown to include over 700 cities all over the globe, all of which will be creating their own distinct musical landscape on June 21st, 2016.

Pittsburgh locals will be busting out their musical chops at locations all over the city including traditional musical venues like Howlers in Bloomfield, as well as on sidewalks, in parks, and on their own front porches. Musicians are also encouraged to collaborate with local shop owners in an effort to put a highlight on small businesses during this community driven event.

Make Music Pittsburgh/ Facebook
Make Music Pittsburgh/ Facebook

Among a continuously growing list of participants are local acts like Timbeleza, a samba street funk group; The Moat Rats, an acid jazz/ reggae/ funk rock collective; and the Balkan folk group, Balkan Babes. More traditional acts like the Pittsburgh Opera will also be joining in on the festivities.

This international celebration has been spreading their love of music for over 30 years and encouraging the community to explore diverse genres of music within their own neighborhoods. You can sign up to be part of this informal music festival or simply step outside on June 21st and start playing. All creativity is welcome.