D’s Six Pax & Dogz Franksgiving dog, explained by Corey Fleese


Written by Jeremy Hopper

Gobble Gobble, Thanksgiving dinner is packed into one hot dog at D’s Six Pax and Dogz. The fan-favorite and award-winning “Franksgiving dog,” is back for another November at the famous Hot Dog Shoppe. Native Americans, Pilgrims, but most likely random Pittsburghers once again have the privilege to pound“best seasonal dish,” and slug a fall craft beer before the cold December weather arrives.

“The Franksgiving Dog,” is here to settle the Thanksgiving debate over which side dish is best because it has the best of all worlds combined in one. This delicious turkey dog lays between a steamed poppy seed bun and smothered with a blend of mashed potatoes, corn, stuffing, and gravy, along with a side cup of cranberry sauce. (The Franksgiving is also available on a famous beef or veggie dog as well).

According to Executive Chef Corey Flesse “the feeling of consuming a D’s Franksgiving dog is similar to watching football in a food coma after a robust turkey day dinner at Gram’s house.” The Franksgiving dog is definitely something to be thankful for this year!

We’ll be doing these pieces monthly. Check back next month to see the newest creation from D’s Six Pax and Dogz!