My Goodness! There is Finally a Market in Regent Square

  • Oh me! Oh My! My goodness gracious, there is now a local market in Regent Square! Once Regency Cleaners closed, many people were excited to see what the neighborhood would bring and Sherree Goldstein of the Square Café and business partner/physical therapist, Jeanne Herbert, decided it was time for Regent Square’s first market.

My Goodness recently opened its doors and their goal is to provide local, organic, and sustainably farmed groceries, in addition to prepared foods by head chef, Chandler Sims. Like the groceries provided at the market, (local farm deli meats, Millie’s Homemade Ice Cream, and a juice bar) Sim’s menu will fulfill the business’s vision by providing customers with quality organic and nutritious sandwiches and seasonal meals (vegan and gluten free options available as well). “While nutrition is a large focus of the My Goodness direction, it doesn’t overshadow or disrupt the fact that food should taste good,” said Chef Sims when asked about his philosophy on his food creations for the market.

With nearly 20 years of cooking experience, Sims began his career at Dunnings
Grill, where its current predecessor, Ease Modern Comfort Cuisine, is ironically enough the next-door neighbor to My Goodness. Sims has spent a great deal of his career, “Perfecting the biscuit recipe,” which he displays on each My Goodness breakfast sandwich. Now, the most important meal of the day may also taste delicious with a chive buttermilk biscuit, bacon, egg, and cheese.

Inspired by Dan Barber, Sims brings the ideals of the New York Chef to My Goodness by focusing on quality over commercialized farming to produce food with higher nutrition value that also tastes great. In addition to the top-notch quality options available, My Goodness is also quick and convenient, allowing customers to grab amazing food without the wait. The market is a bright and open environment that promotes health with numerous must try food items. Next time you are in the Regent Square area, stop at the market, my goodness you will not be disappointed.