Rivertowne, has always been about more than just “the beer”, it’s a community focused company


In light of the comments I have heard regarding Rivertowne filing for Chapter 11 and so there is no confusion I want to be as upfront as possible before I continue on; I have worked with Rivertowne and the Fykes since they opened up their first location. I consider them more than just clients, they are friends.

Small business is not easy, everyone approaches it differently, and has different goals. Since the opening of their first location in Verona, the Fykes have always looked to be a community-based business. While craft beer was always an important part of Rivertowne, a brewery wasn’t part of the original plan. Prior to the opening of their first microbrewery (The Pourhouse in Monroeville), there was even a Rivertowne pizza shop in Holiday Park. The microbrewery, and then cannery, kind of just happened overnight and the rest is history. While the beer became a focal point, and things became bigger, each restaurant location maintained it’s own individual identity instead of getting a corporate cookie cutter makeover. As I spend time at the different locations I am always aware of the neighborhood feel, and the sense of community. Giving back was something the Fykes have never been shy about.

Over the years Rivertowne has ALWAYS been my go-to partner whenever LOCALpgh is working with a charity or fundraiser. I can’t recall ever being turned down when beer or a fiscal donation was needed. These events to name a few include:

412 Food Rescue

412 Food Rescue412 Food 

Best Buddies

Best Buddies 2017

Repair The World

Repair the World

Autism Society of Pittsburgh (in conjunction with PVGP)

LOCAL on the Rocks

and various Art Shows

I believe Rivertowne will come out of this a stronger company, I know it won’t change their sense of community and I hope Pittsburghers will continue to support this company as it has supported others.