Nerdburgh: Steel City Gamerz


Kids birthday parties aren’t always the easiest to plan. One must account for not only the interests and abilities of the birthday child but also the needs and desires of the guests. It should be memorable, enjoyable, and (preferably) affordable. Pool parties, bounce houses, pony rides- while these options might be fun, weather and space determine their availability.

So instead of booking a clown for the third year in a row, why not try an arcade on wheels?

Meet Steel City Gamerz, the video game party in a truck. Owned by the Michaelson family out of the South Hills, SCG boasts that they host “Pennsylvania’s Best Mobile Video Game Truck Party.”

What is a “Mobile Video Game Truck Party?” Similar to a party bus, the mobile theater arrives at the party location and sets up. There, guests climb in and enjoy video games on the latest consoles, played on five HD screens with surround sound. The party is managed by the Game Coach, who teaches guests how to play the games, if they are unaware.

The bus itself is also impressive- aside from the gaming setup, it features climate control, stadium seating (for up to 20), and color-changing LED and glow lighting. It’s also fully self-powered, running off an internal generator. It even has space for a racing chair and wheel.

Approaching four years in business, owner Brad Michaelson says they’re eager to keep up with the latest tech. “Currently, we’re looking into adding the Nintendo Switch,” he told me, “and even exploring the option of adding virtual reality.” Their library is already vast- over 100 titles, spanning across five systems, with titles ranging from Mario Kart to Mortal Kombat.

Yes, you don’t have to be a kid to get enjoyment out of Steel City Gamerz. While the average age of the clientele is in the 8-13 range, adults can be catered to as well with a sizable collection of Teen- and Mature-rated games. Aside from birthday parties, the company offers school, church, and other non-profit events, tournaments, corporate events, and fundraisers. Instead of cornhole at the next family reunion, why not bond with your second cousins over a game of Rocket League? (Of course, you can always add cornhole with your party for a small additional fee.)

If you’re still stuck on planning the perfect birthday bash, skip pizza and bowling. Well, maybe not the pizza- but everyone knows that the Wii Sports version of bowling is far superior.

The Steel City Gamerz website, where you can see pricing, add-0ns, the full library, and book your party, is available here.